Civil War Shipwreck

On March 28, 2008, a dedication ceremony for the Cypress Landing Post Civil War Era Shipwreck was held on the marina grounds. A modest crowd attended the dedication and enjoyed refreshments in the Marina Lounge provided by the CLYC Social Committee.
CLYC Education Chairperson, Bill Sholl introduced the program and guests.  John Maiolo, the project organizer and coordinator, said, "This is a wonderful historic site for us - and dammit, now you can't miss it!" Maiolo praised workers and supporters within and outside the community for their contributions of materials, labor and support.
On a brick column at the entrance to the docks is a plaque with pictures and the following text :
"The Cypress Landing Post Civil War Era Shipwreck was discovered in 1994 while our marina was under construction, and is marked by the buoys you see in the water next to Dock E. She is a 19th century centerboard schooner measuring 83 by 14 feet, and is the only known scow schooner wreck in North Carolina waters. Speculation is that she was scuttled to serve as a breakwater for the brick kiln on land next to the wreck site. In the spring of 2007, the entire site was exposed during a storm that blew out much of the water in the bay as can be seen in pictures. More specific information about the site and recovered artifacts are displayed in the Marina lounge." 
Special guests included Ann Merriman, an East Carolina University researcher who did her masters thesis work on the shipwreck and Sadie Fowle a member of the family that may have owned the ship. Merriman discovered an 1874 bill of sale to the Fowle family for a vessel that could be the remains of the sunken boat.